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Ernstalbrecht Stiebler – Minimalism Maximised

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler is the first German composer that based his compositions on minimal techniques. This record is the first part of an edition of his works on the label m=minimal. Due for release April 9, this is first vinyl edition of works of this minimal music pioneer. According to the m=minimal notes, Stiebler, whose first reductionist work […]

Oren Ambarchi – Audience of One: And one is all it takes

If you’re not at home listening to Oren Ambarchi’s new album, Audience of One, tonight, then you have my condolences.  I am lucky enough to be at home listening to it tonight and let’s be clear – nothing else matters. Australia is a nice place.  Pretty beaches, good economy.  Hard to get into. All the things […]

Wire’s 100 Records that set the world on fire while no one was listening. 26-30

The person who introduced me to this list told me later of their precision memory around the introduction. Except for other music he had ‘revealed’ this was the first time the part of one’s psyche that music reaches was tapped. To be honest, I always thought the “music thing” eluded me. I liked what I […]