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December 16

Kill Your Darlings – John Krokidas and the vision with a beat(ing) heart. (film review)

The elephant in the room for the beat generation heroes (I’m talking Ginsberg, Kerouac and Burroughs) was that they were privileged white boys indulging in the most conformist of empty gestures – youth rebellion. Its taking us a while to come to terms with this uncomfortable fact, though Pynchon declared his discomfort with the beats […]

SFF: On the Road – Salles takes Kerouac for a spin

One great thing that this film version of On The Road did for me was get me onto excellent whiskey.  I must say, after watching the film the desire for one was intense.  Was it watching these youths swill it for two hours or the desire to forget these youths that switched me onto it? […]