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February 08

My Night with Reg – Alice Livingstone brings Eric Rohmer to the stage. (Theatre Review)

My Night With Reg New Theatre 5 Feb to 9 March. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Bob Seary An unnamed French Film followed by a housewarming dinner party where guests arrive and depart randomly forms the centerpiece of Kevin Elyot’s gently beautiful 1994 play My Night With Reg. The referenced French film with […]

February 23

Privates on Parade – Alice Livingstone modernises Peter Nichols big questions. (Theater Review)

British self-consciousness is rarely a serious thing. Self criticism is often performed through comedy or parody and is part of why we love British humour so much – it seems so much smarter than what other nations can produce. Set in 1948, Privates on Parade sits in the early stages of that political oddity known as the Malayan emergency and follows […]

November 26

New Theatre ends a brilliant 2013 with the promise of an even better 2014.

Several of my favourite theatre experiences in 2013 happened at The New Theatre in Newtown. Top Girls, Jerusalem and The Ham Funeral were all stand out performances, beautifully executed with fine direction and great actors bringing the words of great playwrites to life. Alice Livingstone, undaunted by the complex nuances of Caryl Churchills fabulous Top Girls, […]

July 24

Top Girls – Alice Livingstone and Caryl Churchill and the real dilemma facing modern women. (Theatre review)

The question of women “having it all” was never terribly relevant to 1960’s feminism, which was asking the far more radical question of how do women use their new voice to DE-centralize power and DE-stabilize hero-objectivism?  Given how shocking this idea is, it is no surprise women were “tossed the bone” of equality in the […]