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August 05

Mr Kolpert – Pantsguys, Rope and the Albee in us all. (Theatre Review)

Mr Kolpert Pantsguys Productions ATYP from 30 July to 16 August. You can grab your tickets here. Photography: Kate Williams Surely the thrill in the underlying current of misbehavior (tween smoking at its least, calculated murder at its best) lies in the aftermath. Rules and their consequences are made for three reasons: to prevent bad […]

January 03

50 Years ago Today: Marnie – Hitchcock’s unrecognised masterpiece. (Film Review)

Robbed! Not just poorly criticised in its time, but reviled and even hated, Marnie, situated just after Hitchcock’s Psycho and The Birds is something of a sleeper masterwork by the brilliant director that may still be revealing it’s multilayered brilliance fifty years on.  In fact Marnie is so intelligent, so complex, so laced with conflicting […]

June 09

Stoker – Park Chan-Wook and his ode to Hitchcock. (Sydney FF Film Review)

Stoker is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival. Shadow of a Doubt is one of Hitchcock masterpieces around the theme of the double. Made in 1943, it’s fitting to have a tribute to this mighty film seventy years later by a brilliant director whose viewing of Vertigo in his youth became the launching point […]

January 21

Hitchcock – A Wikipedia guide to Psycho from Sasha Gervasi. (Film Review)

What an odd film! I’m not sure which side of the fence to fall on after watching Hitchcock. For a film I thought would be terrible, I had a rather good time.  I was compelled to go home directly and watch Psycho, currently shown for free all over the net – something I think is […]

Rope – Hitchcock tricking you into seeing what’s “there” when it’s the unspeakable “there.”

I’ve had to watch a slew of Hitchcock in the last few weeks for work, and although I have seen so many of them I confess to having a marvellous time.  I can’t really pin point a very favourite Hitchcock film, but I will say Spellbound, Rebecca and Rope are the front-runners at this point. […]

The Lady Vanishes – Hitchcock makes something out of nothing

There is no reason why The Lady Vanishes should be the success it is. I’ve heard the film referenced in pop culture for years and have never watched it till last weekend. My reason for watching, without ever having seen the film, is that I am working on a novel, and the film is central […]