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July 13

Ruben Guthrie – Sydney as Narcissus and Aussie drinking culture. (Film Review)

Ruben Guthrie opens in Sydney July 16. The enormous and imposing image of Zoya, Ruben Guthrie’s estranged fiance, is plastered over the wall of his home acting as judge, pledge and talisman over the year of sobriety he promises her in exchange for reinstating their relationship. It is the pure sustaining of an identity through […]

April 29

20 years ago today – When a Man Loves a Woman. (Film Review)

There have been several top-notch films about alcoholism and there have been hundreds of terrible ones. When A Man Loves A Woman is one of the better ones, underrated even all these years later as it is being more appreciated for its depiction of the complications of sobriety after a person leaves rehab. We know […]