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March 10

Toute la mémoire du monde (1956) – Alain Resnais short film on Memory that predicts our need for Big Data.

Alain Resnais had a lifetime obsession with time and memory, two of the great pillars of what makes us human. This film, made in 1956 and only twenty minutes long, is an excellent vignette in Resnais evocative and thrilling film making (he brings to perfect life why we get excited when we walk into a […]

January 01

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – Alain Resnais and the refusal to limit reality. (Film review)

The title You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet is a lusty incitement from a ninety-one year old director at its surface, possibly designed to hush the eulogic rumblings from reviewers and film commentators over his last film Les herbes folles (2009) but when the director is not only one of the greatest living,  but one of the greatest […]

February 16

Hiroshima Mon Amour – Resnais and Duras and the tragedy of memory. (Film review)

How does one speak about a project that both Marguerite Duras and Alain Resnais called ‘impossible’? I’ve been thinking for days how to talk about Hiroshima Mon Amour and I still can’t think about what to say. It was intended originally as another documentary like Night and Fog, only this time about the horrors of […]

February 12

VA – Fukushima! Artists answer the call for beauty. (Music Review) Disc One

In Otomo Yoshihide’s beautiful lecture (you can read it here) entitled The Role of Culture: After the Earthquake and man made disasters in Fukushima, he makes a compelling case for the positive role of culture in combating human fear and limiting belief when combating the challenges of the day. This beautiful double disc set is […]

February 07

My American Uncle – Alain Resnais and the thing that drives us. (Film Review)

My American Uncle is a metaphor for the happiness we all hope comes out of no where for no reason that we as human creatures for some strange reason think we deserve. There is a wonderful moment in the film when Janine (Nicole Garcia) is speaking with Zambeaux (Pierre Arditi) and she describes an assumption […]

February 04

Night and Fog – Resnais asks who is to blame and reminds us we have to know. (Film Review)

Night and Fog holds the illustrious place of being one of the most brilliant films I have ever seen and one of the most horrific. Resnais attempt to speak about the horrors of the Holocaust is a profound triumph of every aspect of film making, from the editing which Resnais is so brilliant at executing […]

January 17

Private Fears in Public Places – Alain Resnais shows us our naked human heart. (film review)

The man who made Last Year at Marienbad (one of the greatest films of all time – no argument) was eighty-four years old when he made “Coeurs” (“Hearts” is the French Title), an adaptation from Alan Ayckbourn’s play Private Fears in Public Places. The film won several awards, including a Silver Lion at the Venice […]

Last year at Marienbad Results in an Amorous Event – Detail from seiminar by Alex Ling

The following blog post is my own notes as taken from Alex Ling’s lecture which is available on the Philosophy at UWS website. Alex Ling is Research Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Western Sydney. He is the author of Badiou and Cinema (Edinburgh UP, 2011) and the co-editor and translator of […]