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July 14

The Rolling Stone – Life, love and death by neighbourhood watch. (Theatre review)

The Rolling Stone Outhouse Theatre Company and Seymour Centre 5 to 21 July. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Clare Hawley According to Foucault, a natural consequence of what he termed as parrhesia (freedom of speech as a voice from the populace to the governing) was sustaining freedom, constituting the self, and the proper […]

September 28

A Steady Rain – A nightmarish confrontation with our double. (Theatre Review)

The below is more of a critical analysis of A Steady Rain than a review. It is probably best appreciated after you have seen the play. For me the play contained strong elements of psychoanalysis and its a bad habit of mine to want to indulge whenever I’m provoked. I was moved by this play, […]

November 09

Dalylight Saving – Nick Enright and the dominance of the sitcom. (Theatre review)

Daylight Saving Darlinghurst Theatre Company Eternity Playhouse, 31 October to 30 November – You can grab your Tickets here. Why do we leave our marriages? Rarely, and usually restricted to the hallowed halls of abandon in Las Vegas, do we enter into marriage lightly. It is something talked over with everyone we love, it is […]