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November 10

Interstellar – It’s better than you think. (Film review)

Like Lucy earlier on this year, pseudo-science keyboard warriors have come out in droves to trash Christopher Nolan’s ambitious, long sci-fi flick Interstellar, and also like Lucy, it doesn’t matter how many times Kip Thorne (upon whose work Interstellar is based, and who acted as both scientific consultant and executive producer to the film) or […]

December 01

Gravity – Alfonso CuarĂ³n retells Kubric and Tarkovsky in a feminist reading. (Film Review)

Ryan, you’re going to have to let go. I want to hear you say you’re going to make it. At the risk of being unpopular (and who cares about being popular right?) I’m going to perform a completely feminist reading of Gravity, because it does justice to the film maker, so if the ‘F’ word […]

April 15

Oblivion – Joseph Kosinski celebrates 70’s sci-fi. (film review)

When the New York times reviewed Logan’s Run in 1976, it had this to say: Just why and for what particular purpose Logan makes his run is anything but clear after you’ve sat through nearly two hours of this stuff. Logan’s Run is less interested in logic than in gadgets and spectacle, but these are […]