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On Being a Good Reader.

I am a good reader. I say I am a good reader, not because I read a lot. I did complete a speed reading course.  I can speed read something, get “a deep gist”, say I’ve read it and understand that to be the case. I read plenty of books and articles this way, and […]

Novel Excerpt – Prolix (Working Title) 4

Daniel “Conscience was the barmaid of the Victorian soul. Recognising that human beings were fallible and that their failings, though regrettable, must be humoured, conscience would permit, rather ungraciously perhaps, the indulgence of a number of carefully selected desires.” Cyril Joad The cavernous thrill passing through Daniel told him this is the day. This of […]

5923 Quarterly Publishes ‘Everybody’s Talking’

5923 Quarterly Literary Journal have just published my short story ‘Everybody’s Talking’.  This is a story based on the Harry Nilsson song  of the same name. It’s an experimental piece that I wrote paying homage to the very great Susan Sontag who is a stylistic guru of mine.  Its a story about the deterioration of […]

Novel Excerpt – Prolix (working title) 3

Rose The meme for blind faith secures its own perpetuation by the simple unconscious expedient of discouraging rational inquiry. Dawkins, R   Rose Staff, currently the object of desire for two men in her field of influence, both of which planned to change their lives dramatically around her, used to be a beautiful woman. That […]

Novel Excerpt – Prolix (Working Title) 2

Please enjoy this second excerpt from my novel in progress, and allow me to remind you that this is a first draft.  As such, expect a great deal of this to change – including the very overt and grateful nod to the great Zadie Smith. Thanks, Lisa. Alex 218 The Greeks as interpreters – When […]

Archelon Ranch – Garrett Cook A review

Buy your copy now from LegumeMan books Bernard may or may not exist. He’s the victim of a series of cruel experiments conducted on him by his father and a scientist who are trying to cure an ‘illness’ (in an age when all that exists is illness) that inflicts those called ‘Suburbanites’ that has rendered them all revolting, flesh-eating […]