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April 25

Frida Kahlo: Viva La Vida – The artist who resisted branding. (Theatre Review)

Frida Kahlo: Viva La Vida Théâtre Excentrique with The Old 505 Theatre. 23 April to 4 May. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Mansoor Noor For artists Humberto Robles, Anna Jahjah and Kate Bookallil, Frida Kahlo’s ability to resist branding herself is exemplified in the endless attempt to brand her that has surrounded her […]

April 22

Alice in Slasherland – The Post modern assault on bourgeois culture. (Theatre Review)

Alice in Slasherland Last One Standing Theatre Company with Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre April 18 to May 11. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Robert Catto. @robertcatto on Instagram & Twitter, @robertcattophotographer on Facebook Postmodernism is supposedly a widespread and elusive phenomenon that remains as yet, not properly defined. It is […]

April 21

How To Change the World and Make Bank Doing it – The bloodsport of charity fundrasing. (Theatre Review)

How to Change the World and Make Bank Doing It Limelight on Oxford 17 – 27 April. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Sam Lax It’s difficult for those of us constantly coming up with new ways of avoiding the “commission monkey” in the shopping mall to understand how this form of fundraising works, […]

April 20

A Little Piece of Ash – The memory of that which we must learn to forget. (Theatre Review)

A Little Piece of Ash Jackrabbit Theatre at KXT 16-26 April. You can grab your tickets here.  Many thinkers argue we grieve in order to stop grieving. What we are aware of, for we have all grieved at some level, is the existence of a tension between the oppressive memory of the past and the […]

April 20

Rabbit Hole – The cycle of a haunted grief. (Theatre Review)

Rabbit Hole Chippen Street Theratre and Exit Game Productions 18 April to 27 April. You can grab your tickets here. A specter is haunting Becca (Imogen Morgan) and Howie (Peter-William Jamieson) in their nice modern home. For Howie, the symbol of the missing inside his home is comforting. For Becca it inspires an irrevocable sadness. […]

April 18

Appropriation – Containment of power in narrative. (Theatre Review)

Appropriation Fledgling Theatre Company Studio Blueprint, 17-27 April. You can grab your tickets here. For Paul Gilchrist, the revelation of an ego-doped Fortinbras (Nick O’Regan) chaotically crushing his way to claim the throne bequeathed by Hamlet lends itself to an examination of power as wielded by a white guy. Because this exists as a precursor […]

April 16

Appropriation: Lisa chats with Paul Gilchrist (Theatre Interview)

Appropriation Fledgling Theatre Company Wed 17 April to Wed 24 April. You can grab your tickets here. One of the more exciting theatre events this month is Fledgling Theatre Companies new Australian work Appropriation written by Paul Gilchrist. Heavily engaged with the promotion and exploration of local works, Paul and his theatre company Subtlenuance have […]

April 12

Venus in Fur – BDSM and the religious behavioural complex. (Theatre Review)

Venus in Fur 107 Projects, Redfern Find out more about this production and future versions here. Like so many fascinated with BDSM, David Ives was a good Catholic boy well versed and schooled in the excessive preoccupation with one’s inner life. On the surface it appears self-evident that those used to punishment and self-torture as […]

April 09

Dark Voyager – The not so golden years of hollywood. (Theatre Review)

Dark Voyager The Pavilion Theatre by The Castle Hill Players April 5 – April 27. You can grab your tickets here. Images Chris Lundie A marvelous and wonderful thing occurs in this current production of Dark Voyager as directed by Annette van Roden. While the Camp value of Dark Voyager is undeniable, and the witty […]

April 05

Short and Sweet – The Peoples’ Choice Showcase (Theatre Review)

Short and Sweet – People’s Choice The Peoples Choice Showcase 4 and 5 April Wildcard final 7 and 8 April Gala Finals 27 and 28 April You can grab your tickets here. The people’s choice award is always an interesting addition to the Short and Sweet calendar, as it is one of the rare opportunities […]