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September 15

Rooms Full Of Gardens – Rob Eldridge and the dreamy coalescence of alternates. (Music Review)

Rooms Full Of Gardens Rob Eldridge Buy your copy here.  (Download, CD, and Vinyl) So Rob Eldridge, the voice in front of Steelesque, takes a break from the Stones infected throbbing of the band and floats out on his own cloud of introspection in an album deceptively melodically svelte, all the while harboring a lyrical intimacy […]

September 09

Dream Encounters at the Lunatic Birdhouse – The otherwolrdly desire of Cozm X Transmissions. (Music Review)

Dream Encounters At The Lunatic Birdhouse Available for free download at Fag Ash Records. Or listen to it on the Fag Ash records Bandcamp page here.  Visit the Cozm X Transmissions website here.  According to Jung, “no dream symbol can be separated from the individual who dreams it and there is no definite or straightforward […]

August 08

The Metropolitan Orchestra – Met Concert #3 (Music Review)

It was an enormous joy for me to attend The Metropolitan Orchestra’s performance in June 2013 at the Balmain Town Hall, so when I was invited to attend their third concert in 2014, I was thrilled to give my yes and toddle along to the Eugene Goossens Hall on Saturday the 2nd of August. Like […]

July 24

Lisa chat’s with Lawrence English about Wilderness of Mirrors. (Music Interview)

Wilderness of Mirrors Lawrence English You can purchase a copy of the album and listen to samples here.  Lawrence English is one of the most important sound artists working today. I was lucky enough to get a chance to listen to his amazing new album, Wilderness of Mirrors this week, which resulted in my writing about […]

March 09

Music reviews at Dusted

For those of my beloved readers who are music fans, I am still occasionally reviewing here, but the Dusted site has moved to Dusted In Exile while the old site is in hiatus, and I am reviewing a fair bit there, so time is forcing me to do less here. I will still post music […]

February 04

Chair – Simon James Phillips sits in a room. (Music Review)

Chair by Simon James Phillips is available through Room 40 When Simon James Phillips fills the cathedral ceilings with his sonorous repetitions, the act of creation forces the sound to live, as a changing formulating thing, obeying certain laws of mathematics and phenomenology, and at the same time building on itself, a musical repetition being […]

February 03

Compás – Jules Faife creates out of what he left behind. (Music Review)

When an artist, fresh and new to humanity, is learning a craft, they make their way in the world on a kind of Odyssey to self, the search directed outward is in order to find a path inside, to spiral down to that place uniquely theirs, not reactionary, not admonishing, but fully expressed, the word, […]

January 21

The Unintentional Sea – Rafael Anton Irisarri and the sound of the erosion of life. (Music Review)

Is man-made environmental tragedy suicide? If, according to Camus, suicide is an open admission that life is not worth living, then perhaps environmental degradation is a subliminal declaration of the same? What does it mean when we will not act to repair our own environmental damage? For Rafael Anton Irisarri, an artist inspired by existentialists […]

January 12

The NOW now 2014 – Group Show launch (Festival Review)

If 2013 told us anything about experimental music, it is that it is getting more and more difficult to pin modalities and ‘completed’ product down, according to fashion, region or technology. If 2013 saw the rise of text as a movement that is simultaneously a step closer and further away from the sound, it also […]

January 08

Nagual – Ian McColm and David Shapiro shape shift sound. (Music Review)

The shapeshifting Nagual is folkroic at its foundations and mercurial in its transformations, sliding into and out of its other frame. It’s the perfect emblem of the work of Ian McColm and David Shapiro who come together to transform what they know, what they make and what they do in the presence of each other and […]