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Creel Pone #6: Roots of Electronic Sounds

Today’s collection of the Creel Pone series is as brilliant as it usually is.  If you’re into the electronic music – especially the early days of its awakening, then this little series today will curl your lashes big time!  The post war surge of electronic music was a craze that hit composers across the globe, a kind […]

Wire’s 100 records that set the world on fire while no one was listening: 1-10

I know, I know – list posts. They suck. Or they rock. It really depends. I was firmly in the ‘they suck’ camp. In fact, I was in that camp for the bulk of my life. I had many arguments with an ex who was deeply committed to the Rolling Stones top 500 albums of […]

Top Ten Fictional Female Geniuses

This was kind of a fun excercise. I was thinking about what lists to compile and I found a few ‘genius’ lists and of course, the women were largely absent. I don’t mind doing a male list as well (lists are so much fun) but I did have to address this with a top ten […]