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November 29

Films released in Sydney this week ending Sunday 6 December.

Well, the silly season is upon us and by silly I mean holiday blockbuster and awards seasons hitting us up for our valuable cinema dollars. I’m a little behind with the reviews this week, 99 Homes and By the Sea two films I wanted to chat about, along side an examination of whether Katniss is […]

November 12

Spectre – Another day, another Bond. (Film Review)

The whole Bond thing does have a longevity one can’t deny, but this is the first of the films that imagines humans exist around the agent with a licence to kill, beyond the fulfilment of his own reason d’être. Spectre doesn’t rescue Bond from being that talisman for a ludicrously fictionalised masculinity but it does […]

November 05

Freeheld – Romantic naturalism forges into new territory. (Film review)

In this interview, Freeheld director Peter Sollett states his point that Freehelds purpose is romantic naturalism, that is to present love in a way that appeals to the broader conversation about what love is and what it looks like. This is usually a formulaic, identifiable love story that has traditionally been reserved for the heteronormative […]

November 04

The Dressmaker – Jocelyn Moorehouse makes an almost perfect film. (Film review)

If it is true that there is a crises in film criticism over the way females and female-centric films are judged, and it is, then it is also true that this can be used against male-centric critics when properly assessing those films that are ticket purchase worthy. The Dressmaker is a classic example of this poorly […]

November 02

Mistress America – Greta Gerwig shining layer upon layer. (Film Review)

The plotted subtext of Mistress America – that everyone is copying/stealing from everyone else all the time – is a very now response to the overbearing litigious implications of making art that include spilling into the reality of making anything in contemporary society. Greta Gerwig plays Brooke, the quintessential It Girl (played by the quintessential It Girl) in […]

October 27

The Gift – Joel Edgerton sells out his female protagonist in the worst possible way. (Film Review)

The Gift is a puzzle in itself, in that Joel Edgerton (writer, director and playing Gordo the weirdo) has immersed himself in the tropes of the thriller constantly examining and subverting them with the painfully obvious exception of his female lead, the perpetually little black dress-wrapped Robyn. Actress Rebecca Hall does a typically brilliant job, […]

October 19

Articles at The Essential – How Denis Villeneuve domesticates Emily Blunt.

Nope – not a fan of Sicario. Everywhere I go I see praise being heaped on Emily Blunt for her “bad ass” heroine Kate Macy, but for me, the role was a slap down after her great characterisation in Edge of Tomorrow. After all, she is criticised for not wearing lacy underwear in the field […]

October 10

Black Mass – Deep chracterisation reveals there is no honour among theives. (Film review)

  Black Mass has been accused of unsuccessfully mimicking its predecessors such as Goodfellas. It’s a tedious and lazy comparison that again reinforces the over-hyped adulation of Scorsese and further entrenched that film in particular as the ultimate bench mark for gangster film perfection. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Goodfellas, but it can’t defend […]

September 30

The Intern – Nancy Meyers on trend as usual. (Film Review)

One of my favourite cinematic moments saw Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall listening to his daughter Alex (Ashley Johnson) through a toilet door as she cries and details the problems between herself and her boyfriend. When Nick tries to leap to her rescue she cuts him off and says “He’s a total player – I […]

September 08

Articles at The Essential – The Guest

It’s a bug bear of mine that poorly made “male oriented” films such as the Furious franchise are marked up by the 80% male critical audience under the assumption that they are light hearted fun and need not be judged by the usual critical criteria, while female oriented films like Fifty Shades of Gray are […]