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June 29

I am on Radio National Today

Good morning! For those of you keen on the amazing Clarice Lispector, I am talking about her on Radio National today. The program is Books and Arts and I am part of the monthly Latin American book club. You can read up here. I have also bumped the posts I’ve done (many moons ago) on […]

March 08

Stack – Shameless Self Promotion

Just a remainder that my book of short stories  Stack, made free through Lulu by my publisher Les Editions du Zaporogue here, is available to be hated, admired, poured over, loathed, loved, lost or censured at the will and whim of all. In the manner of all cerebral seductresses, I have decided to shamelessly tease […]

April 16

Beneath our Armour – Peter Bakowski peels away the layers. (poetry review)

“I’m in my twenty-first year of writing poetry, and I just want to write poetry till the day I die,” Bakowski replied. That line, taken from an interview with Peter Bakowski that you can read here, was spoken by him in October 2004.  Nearly ten years later, Bakowski is still writing poetry, still making every […]

March 20

Warm Moonlight – Joseph Wurtenbaugh spins a tale of the supernatural. (fiction review)

Warm Moonlight is a nice little novella – or rather a longish short story – that I found on Amazon in one of my rare moments of strolling around on that site. Joseph Wurtenbaugh writes under several names, as far as I can tell from his Amazon bio,  and has several stories and novellas gathered together […]

March 16

Destroy, She Said – Marguerite Duras and the radical power of subversion. (fiction review)

You’re all remarkably interested in her,’ says Bernard Alione. ‘Yes.’ ‘Might one inquire why?’ – his voice is stronger again. ‘Literary reasons,’ says Stein, laughing. He goes on laughing. Alissa watches him, enchanted. ‘So my wife’s a character in a novel?’ says Bernard Alione. He sneers. But his voice is still strained in spite of […]

November 20

Is Genre Fiction Art? Pt 3: Genre as morality and defender of truth.

This post has multiple parts.  For part one, please go here. Before I launch into my defence of the strange suggestion that genre fiction is the defender of truth and morality and therefore the very opposite of what art is meant to be, let me make a quick statement. By genre fiction, I mean fiction […]

Skios – Michael Frayn and the perils of probability (Booker Prize Long List)

Well he would work it out for himself a he went along, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.  Sadly. Because for the moment he was a living metaphor of the human condition.  He knew not whence he came from nor whither he was bound, nor what manner of man he was, nor why he […]

Stack – My book of short stories now available.

I am very pleased and proud to announce the release of my book of short stories, Stack through Les Éditions du Zaporogue.  It’s cheap as chips and available here. This is a modest collection of ten short stories that clocks in at 113 pages I’ve written over the last couple of years. Some have been published […]

Short Story Collection Preview: Stack. Lisa’s Fiction.

I have a book of short stories coming out in the next couple of weeks.  With the permisson of the publisher, here is one of the short stories from that collection for your reading pleasure. When the colleciton is available, it will be advertisied here on my blog. Enjoy. The Outsider Inside It’s the cracks […]

Happy Birthday Comte de Lautreamont!

“Who may understand why two lovers who idolized one another the night before will quarrel over aq single misunderstood word and flee on the wings of hatred to opposite points of the compass, full of love and remorse yet refusing to see one another , each cloaked in lonely pride? This is a miracle that […]