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September 16

The Testament of Mary – Colm Tóibín and the reimagining of our culture. (Book Review)

They think I do not understand what is slowly growing in the world; they think I do not see the point of their questions and do not notice the cruel shadow that comes hooded in their faces or hidden in their voices when I say something pointless or foolish, something which leads us no where.  […]

August 13

The Marrying of Chani Kaufman – Eve Harris and the worlds within a world. (book review)

“Therefore shall each man forsake his mother and father, and cling to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. (Genesis 2: 23-24) What is the value of books that teach us something we didn’t know these days? The common assumption is that the world is getting smaller with the connective power of the internet, […]

August 12

May We Be Forgiven – A.M. Homes and the post modern ‘after’. (book review)

In a rather broad brush stroke of a statement, one of the problems I have with books written by women is the reluctance to expand into universal themes, or send their novel to the far corners of the universe in its scope. I say this is a broad brush stroke of a statement, because it’s […]

May 13

Henry Magazine – The first edition now published.

I am pleased to announce the first edition of Henry Magazine, the magazine devoted to the exploration of art by artists, is now published.  Henry is the brainchild of writers Seb Doubinsky and my good self, both proud writers, philosophers and reviewers and in Seb’s case poet and teacher. We wanted a magazine that explored […]

February 12

Pigeon English – Stephen Kelman and the death of children by bullying. (Book Review)

Stephen Kelman’s book Pigeon English is one of those rags to riches fairy stories that new writers dream about. Found in a slush pile, Pigeon English was declared to be so good it resulted in a bidding war that saw Kelman awarded a “six-figure sum” for the publishing rights. Once published, it was short listed for the 2011 Man […]

January 30

Pride and Prejudice turns 200 – Jane Austen and timless wit.

Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance you know. There will always be vexation and grief, and you’re better to know as little as possible of the defects of your marriage partner. You know it is not sound. You would never act like that yourself. Well it seems that Jane will not. so […]

January 22

Secret Sidewalk – Tom Lichtenberg weaves a meta narrative to tease out the child in all of us. (Book review)

“When Marcus was eleven and his little brother Ben was only six, they lived on a boat in the harbor with their mother, a hard-working grocery store clerk named Kristen Holmes. Sometimes Ben had trouble sleeping at night and he would climb to the upper bunk and jab his brother in the ribs until he […]

January 16

Four New Messages – Joshua Cohen tells tall tales but true about the internet. (book review)

Joshua Cohen is in serious danger of becoming one of my favorite contemporary writers. Are you allowed to say that about someone so rarely read? The answer is yes, because fortunately, there are people out there smart enough to publish him, and my current reading has led me to Graywolf Press‘ publication of his book […]

January 05

The Vanishing Point of Desire – Vi Khi Nao: Eroticism at its most intimate. (book review)

The opium pipe of ink runs through the river of your breath. You inhale. I exhale. A trail of reddish brown, the drug, unravels the air.  I am still outside the corridor. Time, the Gentleman, still inspects the palimpsest of desire. He takes his time. He looks carefully at the torn pages. The slit. The […]

January 01

The Human War – Noah Cicero and the distance of war over there. (book review)

“I’ve been walking the world alone.” “I walk the world alone too, but I like it that way.” In his justifiably glowing review of The Human War on The Guradians book blog, Lee Rourke wondered how The Human War would hold up eight years after its publication in 2003.  Rourke writes his own review in 2007, but still questions […]