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December 03

Why I am no longer accepting free tickets to Theatre.

I’ve never been interested in giving my opinion expert or otherwise regarding the Sydney Theatre Community. I’ve always held the only time to give feedback on a show’s quality is when you have been invited to do so while the play is in rehearsals. Once a play is produced and presented, we need to look […]

November 21

Packer and Sons – The elephant in the room. (Theatre Review)

Packer and Sons Belvoir 16 November – 22 December 2019 You can grab your tickets here Images: Brett Boardman   Please note: This article is written based on witnessing a preview. I did not attend opening night.  I did not receive a free ticket from the theatre nor a publicist for this production. A key […]

November 11

Water – Mark Langham brings German Enlightenment to Sydney (Theatre Review)

Water New Blood Theatre and Where’s Harold Productions. Find out more here. (At the publishing of this review, this production has finished.) In his director’s notes, Mark Langham describes an inability to forget Carl Hans Lody (Stephen Lloyd-Coombs) after reading about him. To underscore this, he cites the key incident Lody facing a firing squad […]

November 08

Simple Souls – Lisa Chat’s with Paul Gilchrist (Theatre interview)

Simple Souls 13 – 30 November Top Shelf Fringe HQ. You can grab tickets here. Paul Gilchrist is one of Austrlia’s best writers of Magic Realism. His play Christina in the Cupboard is vivid and wild, perplexing and compelling. The work was able to expose an adherance to a single truth as a kind a […]

November 07

The Underpants – Expressionism made modern with wit. (Theatre Review)

The Underpants Sugary Rum Productions and The Seymour Centre 31 October – 23 November. You can grab your tickets here. Images: David Hooley Sugary Rum Productions offers us it’s trademark depth and complexity with The Underpants, a comedy written during the Weimar Republic by Carl Sternheim and adapted by Steve martin during the presidential campaign […]

September 24

John – Annie Barker and the organic whole. (Theatre Review)

John Outhouse Theatre The Seymour Theatre 19 September to 12 October You can grab your tickets here. Images: Clare Hawley For Annie Barker, the characters of her remarkable play John intuit each other as much as they see, hear, smell and touch each other. They are each in tune with the ‘music’ of each other’s […]

September 14

Nine – Little Triangle and the question of Creative origins. (Theatre Review)

Nine Little Triangle The Seymour Theatre 6 Sept – 14 Sept You can grab your tickets here. Since their inaugural production in 2017, Little Triangle have established themselves as a high-quality theatre company that has become the go to place for rarely seen musical works. Their previous productions have raised the standard in independent musical […]

September 09

Reviews I missed: Cats Talk Back (Sydney Fringe)

Cats Talk Back Occasionally, day job and other projects get in the way of a reviewer’s agenda. Reviews are not only about selling tickets. They contribute to a contemporary conversation about the essential practice of theatre, the way Sydney approaches this artistic practice and how we should talk about what we see. For this reason, […]

August 30

Chicago – the right musical at the right time in the right place. (Theatre review)

Chicago Capital Theatre till October 20. You can grab your tickets here.  Tendrils of a strange fear are extending into the hearts and minds of those of us in countries that purport to be America’s allies. While Donald Trump has been slowly eroding our faith in America for the past several years, a terrible sense […]

August 30

Betty Breaks Out – Brecht, Sartre and Liz Hobart. (Theatre Review)

Betty Breaks Out life after Productions and Kings Cross Theatre 27 August to 7 September. You can grab your tickets here Images: Jasmin Simmons Across the inner city of Sydney in the month of August, mini festivals celebrating new Australian writing are drawing our attention to the importance of nurturing and cultivating the Australian voice. […]