Lisa’s Writing

Stack is my book of short stories published through Le Zapororgue Press.

In this collection of short stories, Lisa Thatcher’s true-to-life characters prove to us that alienation is just another word for consciousness – and the other way around… A husband nagged by his wife, a little girl that takes care of her two younger brothers, a woman finding a shopping list in a bookstore are just a few examples of the unforgettable protagonists you will find in STACK, struggling to get a grip with the absurd yet meaningful world surrounding them. A post-modern Katherine Mansfield, Lisa Thatcher manages to sketch a life out of her characters’ consciousness with scalpel-like precision that will make you smile with pain.

Praise for Stack:

Every time I read fiction by an author new to me, I expect to see, to be shown, things I have never seen before. Usually that’s a setup for disappointment, but Lisa Thatcher is a writer full of gleaming insights, the kinds of moments and visions I always hope for from a writer. (read the full review here.)

Pigeon Weather Productions.


In August 2012 I got to realise a long-held dream of becoming a writer for Dusted Magazine. Dusted is easily one of the best music magazines in the world, and one I have been reading for some time.  Check it out here.


     Thanks to Arup K. Chatterjee for inviting me to write the introduction to the Spring hard copy issue of ColdNoon.

     Cold Noon is a beautiful journal of travel poetics. The current issue can be seen on line here.  My introduction is in the hard copy, which can also      be purchased through the site. It was a great pleasure to be a part of this project.


   The Previous Owners Shopping List published in the September issue of The BLack Herald.



  Three Little Ducks published in The September issue of  LE ZAPOROGUE