January 03

Announcing a break from theatre reviewing.

Hello to my much loved reader, and fellow creators.

It’s good to be here in 2021, with all the promise and hope that it brings. 2020 was very hard for so many people. My heartfelt love and warmth to all those struggling, either with health, bereavement or financial fears and worries.

I am taking this moment to announce a twelve-month hiatus from my theatre reviewing.

Like many others, lockdown made a significant impact on my life, and I am going to continue some projects that were started in 2020. This means I need more time to devote to them.

It’s a decision made with some difficulty. I love theatre and feel that a diverse critical style is essential to a potent theatre scene. But there are so many writing projects, and reviewing theatre takes a lot of time.  At least, it should take a lot of time, when done well.

My intention at this point is that this is a short break. Just twelve months. If that changes I will notify via this blog.

Please feel free to contact me on sendlisamessage(at)gmail.com and I am happy to left on all lists at this point.

Of course, where possible, I will still attend theatre as a normal ticket holder.

Much to love to everyone, and I wish all of us a more peaceful 2021