Films released in Sydney this week ending 14 November

He Named me Malala

Will try to review.

I’m not sure about this one. While it is subject matter that appeals to me, my internal radar is going off the spectrum with warnings over the trailer. Super important subject, so I’d like to check it out, and I did like An Inconvenient Truth. Could be super good or super bad. I’ll try to get there.


Knight of Cups

Won’t be reviewing.

I can barely get through one of the grotesquely overrated Terrence Malick’s trailers, let alone sit through an entire film. I can’t take all the beach twirling and staring at the sun through fingers of any of his films, and here we have more of the same old tired stuff. (A woman would never get away with this crap) It’s a shame because I love watching Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography and Knight of Cups is one of the best film titles ever. But I will not put myself through a Terrence Malick film for great fear of being turned off cinema for good.


Secret in Their Eyes

Will be reviewing.

I’m interested in this. Billy Ray has done some stuff I didn’t mind. Sourcecode was a great example of a complicated film made understandable because of a great writing, and he also adapted the first Hunger Games. Secret in their Eyes has a great cast and Ray can write great plot twists with deep emotional impact. The whole dead girl at the centre of the narrative is annoying, but if his two female leads are well written, I’ll forgive the cliché. This will be an interesting viewing.



Will be reviewing.

The fact that critics don’t like this Bond is a great sign and probably means it’s a real treat.