October 25


Films released in Sydney this week ending Saturday 31 October

Sleeping with Other People

Won’t be reviewing

I have a soft spot for Leslye Headland. Any woman who decides to re-write David Mamet to classic rom-com gets a big thumbs up from me. Also, I have an indefensible like of Bachelorette, a film that reaches inside of me, despite my embarrassment at the admission. There is something about Bachelorette, the incredible performances, its caustically dysfunctional women, its evil bitchiness and its pathetic resolution seeking that speaks to a baser level of my personality, and I am left swimming in my own contradictions every time I watch it – which I am forced to confess is more than once a year. I would love to see the play it started its life as. However, Sleeping With Other People, even though Leslye is writing and directing again, will have to wait. Too much important stuff to do right now.

The Dressmaker

Will be reviewing

Jocelyn Moorehouse is an Australian director and screenwriter I am ashamed to confess I have not been following. All this changes with The Dressmaker. I’ll also watch and review Proof if I get time this week, and begin my far too late immersion into the work of this great Australian artist.

Mistress America

Will be reviewing

Can’t wait for this. I have the biggest crush on Greta Gerwig (like everyone) as I am a sucker for cool, It girls (like everyone). As contrived and post Woody Allen as they are, I really like Gerwig and Noah Baumbach together – but he’s at his best when paired with her. I loved Damsels in Distress, and applaud Gerwig’s devotion to working with female talent. She’s a real gem and I can’t wait to see her in full flight again this week.

The Last Witch Hunter

Won’t be reviewing

Yeah – um… so I’ll leave it to you to work out why I won’t be reviewing a film that stars Fast and Furious  permanent fixture Vin Diesel who has actually fallen for the flattery his post feminist back to basics blokeyness has inspired, and produced a film where he gets away with beating up women. Serves you right, boys, for telling him those shitty films he made were good. He’s hard at work on Furious 8 too, so we’re condemned to this guys inability to produce quality for years to come.

5 to 7

Will try to review, but its low on the list

This looks delightful and charming, but it addresses a subject that i think deserves a weightier effort. But then, maybe the rom-com genre is the perfect place to discuss this idea. Not sure. I’m intrigued though, and we’ll see if I am able to get to it. It does seem to have a bug cliche problem… but cute as. Let’s see.

Movies I’d love to get to if I have time:

The Gift, Cut Snake, The Daughter.

Lets see how I go this week.