Articles at The Essential – My take on “The Rock” at San Andreas. (Film Review)

San Andreas 2015 - Official trailer3

Over at the awsome magazine The Essential, my latest offering, a review of San Andreas is prepped and primed for viewing.

Warning… (that will come as no suprise)

I didn’t love this film. Check my review out here.

The cynicism that overwhelms San Andreas is so maddening that its Americana puff-piece bullshit appears laughable, until three-quarters through the film when its disrespect for its audience takes a darker twist into obvious disdain, and we are expected to swallow the worst sort of fact-free propaganda without question.

Everything about San Andreas – from the gym-twisted, face-lifted, breast-augmented beauty of the American nuclear family, to death and destruction as a societal cleanse – is inhuman in a disturbing way that positions America as it should be over the America that is. We’ve always loved seeing the bad guy judged by nature, but this takes on a new twist in San Andreas where humanity is wiped out as a precursor to building something bigger and better. Ironically, Paul Giamatti’s scientist finds a way to predict the oncoming fault line activity, so we’re saved from the horrible probability that scientists predicting natural disasters today might be right. But he can exact reckoning on “nature” which, coupled with the deaths of the bad guys (particularly the interloper in the American nuclear family), gives the earthquake the feel of catharsis rather than tragedy, and an opportunity to enlist all that volcanic adaptability that lies underneath our dependence on iPhones. Sure, millions and millions and millions of people are dead, but Ray and Emma are back together and ready to rebuild. Cue fist bump.

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