Doldrums – The Air Conditioned Nightmare over at The Essential. (Music review)

Doldrums promo photo

Check out my Doldrums review over at The Essential:

A problem common to all writers facing their terrifying confrontation with the abyss is to avoid the much-needed soul soothing until after the experience’s detail has been taken down. You can’t just talk about anxiety. It must accompany you in order for it to properly infuse the art work. You can rescue yourself from the decision to suicide or choose a lesser life after the work is complete. But first, the art. As Henry Miller said in The Air-Conditioned Nightmare, the book from which the album takes its title, “America is no place for an artist: to be an artist is to be a moral leper, an economic misfit, a social liability. A corn-fed hog enjoys a better life than a creative writer, painter or musician.” It’s this anxious sense of being out of place that Airick Woodhead invites us toward, and subsequently sets himself up for missing.

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