Short and Sweet Week 7, where I put it all out there and direct. (Article)



Short and Sweet Wildcards Week 7

Saturday 21 at 2.30pm, Sunday 22 at noon and Monday 23 at 7.30pm.

The Fuse Box, The Factory Theatre, Marrickville. You can grab your tickets here.

There are lots of interesting festivals happening in Sydney at the moment, but I have to confess my love is with Short and Sweet right now as on Saturday 21, Sunday 22 and Monday 23 a Wildcard production called Feather will hit the Fusebox. Feather is a lovely little ten minute play written by Pamela Western and performed by Kate O’Keeffe and Amelia Cuninghame, which I have had the most enjoyable time directing. It’s about two women who find a way to help each other just when they think they’re at the end of all hope. I’ve never directed at Short and Sweet before, and am finding the process wonderfully enriching, particularly the light and easy feel of the festival combined with working with great professionals.

Hats off to the organisers of Short and Sweet – particularly Pete Malicki (Theatre festival director) Alanah Teasdale (Festival coordinator) Geoff Sirmai and Luke Middlebrook (Tech requirements) all of whom show an endless patience, at least in my case, with my hopeless production skills (MAJOR lesson learned there) and the no doubt constant pitfalls that must come up when dealing with so many plays, so many directors, writers and performers. Their generosity and professionalism, all wrapped up in their commitment to Short and Sweet always being a light-hearted joyful night at the theatre, shine through and make the whole process remarkably stress free and able to be properly enjoyed.

If you have a chance to be a part of Short and Sweet in the future – I highly recommend it.

Of course, Id never be able to have the happy experience I am having if I didn’t have such a lovely play in Pamela Western’s writing, and two accomplished performers in Kate and Amelia. It’s been thrilling to work with people of scope and commitment – and watching the play blossom over the rehearsal time, getting to know Kate and Amelia and engaging with different theatre spaces in Sydney has been fun and most importantly, enlivening.

But the main reason to mention Feather, is of course, the opportunity for all the long-suffering theatre folk of Sydney to come along and tell me what a shitty job I’ve done, in wake of my three years of reviewing in our fair city. When it comes to directorial judgement, feel free to take the opportunity to give me a solid dose of my own medicine, after all theatre is a dialogue that we can’t live without and I’d be a mug and a half if I wasn’t up for a little clear critical judgement. Short and Sweet top 80 and the Wildcard section is never a dull night of theatre, thus broadening the opportunities if you come to see the show.

It would be wonderful to see you there.