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I’ve got some recently published articles there:

Feature Article: Emotional Resonance

The Essential asked me to write a piece about the emotional connection we have to one particular song or album and why we feel that way, and I chose Mazzy Star’s song Disappear, from the album Among My Swan, which was critical music as I took the journey away from God and religion into the (semi)autonomous world of post-christian atheism. You can read about how that was for me here…


My Mistress

There is a tentative marrying of French-themed chic BDSM and uniquely Australian creepy suburban angst (think Snowtown) that My Mistress hints at but never quite pulls off. It imbues the film with a sense of a missed opportunity and the strange idea that a larger, more interesting film sits just slightly off camera. Read more here…


Dust – I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

Completely disinterested in buzz words like “momentum” and “content is king”, noir-ish indie band I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness have been sitting on their sound for the last eight years since the release of Fear Is On Our Side. Read more here…


Hieroglyphic Being – The Seer of Cosmic Visions

Jamal Moss and his multiple monikers – Hieroglyphic Being, I.B.M., IAMTHATIAM, The Sun God – is the brains behind the record label Mathematics, self-described as being centered on such concepts as quantity, music, structure, space and change and the academic discipline that studies them. Perhaps it is this study that keeps Moss’ focus squared solely on his product, releasing him from the material trappings that can accommodate the critically “safe” world of house music and allow him to form a bridge, or at least the start of one, between tandem worlds of dance music and the experimental electronic that takes dance music culture as its primary inspiration. Read more here…


Stars – No one is Lost

No matter how you feel about their music, Stars is a group that have always known exactly what they’re doing, even if that understanding is defined by the dual pillars of what they are not – not “cool”, not buying into “rock star” – and what they are: “stars equals an engulfing universe as well as spurious celebrity”. Read more here…