Articles at The Essential.


Pop over to the uber cool Melbourne based eZine The Essential, to check out what they’ve got going on.

I’ve got two recently published articles there:


Film Review: The Skeleton Twins

Problematically, The Skeleton Twins is good because it seems to be a precursor for something else, such as a dramatic career for Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, or a chance to explore the complexity of heterogeneity in film by looking at gay sexual relationships as something separate from heterosexual ones in mainstream cinema. It seems to almost get there in so many ways, but one can’t avoid the unpleasant realization that what The Skeleton Twins does best is what has been done best so many times before. Read more here



Music review: The Juan MacLean

When In a Dream opens with “A Place Called Space”, a prog-passionate ode that has Alan Parsons’ “Sirius” intro all over it, The Juan MacLean teases with the searing mix of house, electro pop and disco he does so well, only to branch away at the three-minute mark to remind us this is a project for which variety is the mainstay. Read more here...