Slapdash Song Night – Keira Daley at the Sydney Fringe (Cabaret Review)


Keira Daley’s Slapdash Song Night

Each Sunday night of the Sydney fringe at The Record Crate

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there’s something special about Keira Daley – enormous talent meets enormous personality meets enormous brain – her show’s Lady Nerd and Keira Daley v’s the 90’s were the hit of last years Sydney fringe, among many other festivals around the world.  The super sexy cerebral songstress has been hamming it up for audiences in the ultra cool new Glebe bar The Record Crate monthly, but moves this gig to a weekly affair in honour of the Sydney Fringe. Slapdash Song Night isn’t the polished performance Daley’s previous shows have been, rather this plays more to her charismatic connection with an audience, giving her an opportunity to work that fine mind and speedy wit. She’s a reliably excellent performer anyway, and watching her on a stage is a unique pleasure, but Slapdash Song Night gives those who know and love her, and anyone lucky enough to grab a ticket to her show, a chance to see her improvise her way more, her cheeky and witty cleverness running riot with the restraints tossed to the side.

She’s accompanied by the “distractingly handsome” Mark Chamberlain (who is always a pleasure to look at) a virtuoso himself, with a history that includes Jersey Boys, Squabbalogic’s Thrill Me and a fair whack of impressive television and radio credits. The Daley/Chamberlain pairing always works well together on these cheerful shows, but it was a particular pleasure to see them in relaxed mode – as relaxed as anyone can be with the very high energy of Daley’s performance electrifying everything. In the Slapdash Song Night I attended they had the sultry rhythms of Joey Pangilinan to cool up the joint a little also. The motto of the night is “singy-sing, talky-talk, drinky-drink” and plenty of each of these fill the small upstairs room of The Record Crate.

Last Sunday, I was lucky enough to catch Keira Daley having “fathers day talk” with three great guest musicians, Alice Fraser, Jim Fishwick and Steven Kreamer. Alice Fraser treated us to one of her witty banjo accompanied tunes, a kind of teaser for a couple of Fringe shows she has forthcoming, including Aggressively Helpful at the factory theatre (find out more here). Jim Fishwick’s charming ukulele and enigmatic stage presence warmed us up for his fringe shows, including Alexander Vanderboom at the Newsagency (find out more here) and provided Keira Daley with some wonderful back and forth that had the audience laughing hard over their beers. The standout guest spot goes to Steven Kreamer who offered us a marvelous broadway-esque tune about waiting at the bottom of the stairs for his lady friend to emerge from her ablutions. All the performances were great, but Kreamer’s was a knockout, setting a high bar for the quirky fun-filled, booze-fueled hour.

Daley and Chamberlain will be bringing this fun night including three acts each time to the lovely venue throughout the Sydney Fringe. Make sure you get there for at least one of the performances. You won’t be sorry.

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