Skinny blogging


Hello lovely readers,

Apologies for skinny blogging of late – I had a particularly heavy Tax quarter with my day job (that is still ongoing), some big family commitments and then on top of it all I got a rather nasty dose of that flu that is going around, that took me quite a few weeks to get out from under.

So the blogging has been a little thin while all that has been happening, and I am quite behind. The good news about that is, I have a nice little stash of watched films, brilliant plays, amazing books and truly great music to write you all about.

The “sick and tax” is over now, but I’ve received a lot of emails and I wanted to say I will get to them when the posts are back on track, but thank you – it’s always lovely to hear from all of you talented, intelligent folk – particularly considering the bulk of you have a truck load of your own creative projects going on.

Lets soldier on, shall we? See you on the other side of the cultural round table.




PS – that lovely image of the books was stolen without remorse nor shame from the lovely ITodd website that I suggest you check out before he contacts me with plagerism complaints.