Music reviews at Dusted


For those of my beloved readers who are music fans, I am still occasionally reviewing here, but the Dusted site has moved to Dusted In Exile while the old site is in hiatus, and I am reviewing a fair bit there, so time is forcing me to do less here.

I will still post music here, but I will probably alert readers here to my music posts over there, and to the new site in general as it totally kicks ass.

At the moment I’m lost in Orange Juice (LOVE Orange Juice – I’m in heaven) land as I just received the reissues from Domino this week. Other great reviews to happen in the next few days are New Preservation releases, and Magic Sam Live at the Avant Garde. I’ll include a weekly round-up post to remind you to hop over to Dusted and check it all out.

Stay tuned as they say.