Old Fitzroy Theatre 2014 Season announced by Sydney Independent Theatre Company

The Old Fitzroy Theatre has been home to some of the most wonderful theatre experiences I’ve had in 2013. Standouts were Friday, the recent King Lear I really enjoyed and the very touching An Ordinary Person was a theatre evening that remained in my mind for days. In 2013 The Sydney Independent Theatre Company was appointed as residents and managers of the theatre space at The Old Fitzroy Hotel, itself a historical icon to Sydney-siders, and they’ve brought out a 2014 program that ensures The Old Fitzroy Theatre will be one of the spaces to be in the forthcoming year.



There are many reasons to love independent theatre, but one of my favourites is the proximity of audience. Intimacy with a stranger is an experience y0u can get no where other than sitting in a room while the finest actors perform, and it’s magnified when the audience is small and close. The space at The Old Fitzroy Hotel is the perfect size to allow significant numbers to see a show, and still retain that remarkable quality of communion that only small theatre can really provide. If you aren’t afraid to really feel your art, then the Old Fitzroy theatre is for you.


As for the 2014 programe, all I can say is bring it on.  If 2013 was a great year for them, 2014 is sure to be better.  My suggestion is to book early for any shows that tickle your fance and of course, as always, keep an eye out for my reviews.


7 ‐ 25 January 2014 – Australian premiere of American play

David Davalos

Produced by Brevity Theatre Co and directed by Richard Hilliar

A thought provoking take on literature, history and the world we live in through the medium of a Hamlet/Faustus


LEGEND! ‐ “Slips” Cordon ‐ A Safe Pair Of Hands

by Pat Sheil

28 January ‐ 15 February 2014 – World premiere of Australian play

The unreliable hyperbolic reminiscences of the greatest Australian who ever lived!

Produced by Decorum, directed by Lex Marinos and performed by John Derum

Everything I Know I Learnt From Madonna

written and performed by Wayne Tunks

18 ‐ 22 February 2014 – Sydney premiere of Australian play

An autobiographical emotional story of life and loss interlaced with those Madonna lyrics we all know so well.

Produced by Tunks Productions as part of the 2014 Sydney Mardi Gras Festival and directed by Fiona Hallenan‐Barker

Fully Committed

by Becky Mode

24 February ‐ 1 March 2014 – American play

One of Sydney’s most diverse actors and leading voice and dialect coaches Nick Curnow, brings 40 different characters

to the one stage.

Produced by Brevity Theatre Co, directed by Alexander Butt and performed by Nick Curnow.

(I saw this at the Sydney Fringe in 2013 and highly recommend it!)

Tidy Town of the Year

by Victoria Greiner, Sarah Hodgetts and Andy Leonard

4 ‐ 22 March 2014 – World premiere of Australian play

A dying town, one award, three motel cleaners, one limbless headless torso …

Written and performed by Victoria Greiner, Sarah Hodgetts and Andy Leonard

A Moment on the Lips

by Jonathan Gavin

25 March 12 April 2014 – Australian play

Produced by Mad March Hare Theatre Company and performed by Sarah Aubrey, Claudia Barrie, Julia Billington,

Maeve Macgregor, Ainslie McGlynn

It’s the odd moments and the little things.

Winner of the Philip Parsons Young Playwright Award 2003.

Lies, Love and Hitler

by Elizabeth Avery Scott

15 April ‐ 3 May 2014 – Sydney premiere of Australian play

Produced by CADA Studio Productions, directed by Rochelle Whyte and performed by Dug Chapman and James Scott

Risk versus reward, tyranny and pacifism, institutionalism and the nuances of contemporary sexual mores.

Shortlisted for the Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award in 2009.

Scenes from an Execution

by Howard Barker

13 ‐ 31 May 2014 – English play

Produced by No White Elephant and directed by Richard Hilliar

One man’s idea of victory is one woman’s idea of slaughter.

Brad Checked In

by Paula Noble

3 ‐ 21 June 2014 ‐ Australian play

Produced by Citizen Content Productions presents, directed by Steven Tait and performed by Laura Holmes, Chris Miller and Sam Smith

Brad’s out of marriage and into social networking.

Who Knows

by Paul McIntyre

24 June ‐ 12 July 2014 ‐ Sydney premiere of Australian play

Produced by Kore Productions and directed by Samara Kinney

A play to remind us all that FAN is short for FANATIC!

Play Me, I’m Yours

by Robert Allan

15 July ‐ 2 August 2014 ‐ World premiere of Australian play with music and songs

Produced by Sydney Independent Theatre Company and directed by Julie Baz

The life and death of a piano and the generations of people who played it.

Joan, Again

by Paul Gilchrist

5 ‐ 23 August 2014 ‐ World premiere of Australian play

Produced by subtlenuance and directed by Paul Gilchrist

In 1431, Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake. Fifteen years later, she was back.

The God Of Hell

by Sam Shepard

26 August ‐ 13 September 2014 – American Play

The greatest American playwright of his generation … As hilarious as it is sobering.

Produced by MopHead Productions, directed and designed by Rodney Fisher and performed by Vanessa Downing, Jake Lyall, Ben McIvor and Tony Poli

A play to be announced

7 ‐25 October 2014

Produced by Sydney Independent Theatre Company and directed by Julie Baz

November Spawned a Monster

by Alex Broun

28 October 15 November 2014

World premiere of one‐man Australian musical interwoven with the music of Morrissey and the Smiths

Produced byFly‐on‐the‐Wall Theatre (Melbourne) and directed by Robert Chuter

Sleep on and dream of love because it’s the closest you will get to love ‐ poor twisted child…

Sydney Shakespeare Festival

18 November ‐ 20 December 2014 – eighth season

Produced by Sydney Independent Theatre Company and directed by Richard Hilliar

One cast plays perform in two of Shakespeare’s classic plays on alternate nights