Chasing Kurt: From the inside – Deep House goes personal. (Music Review)

Build my own desire,

Set my soul on fire,

Music brings me back to my soul.


With a fondness (conscious or otherwise) for deconstruction, Chasing Kurt land on the scene with their much anticipated first album “From the Inside.”  Musically, this is an intensely personal album, the three members finding a fusion in an environment where they couldn’t access the music they wanted and so turned to each other, as the opening lyrics state, in a kind of attempt to be true to their souls.  However, despite the naivete of this introductory meeting, throbbing with that “no-one-understands-me” angst, this Gießen based trio have shucked off the introverted pain of youth to provide an experience that reaches out to the humanity of, not just their own region, but an extended group of fans. This fan base, several thousand strong and devotedly following with some anticipation, have been supporting in the anxious desire for a stellar debut from the group. From the Inside is the answer to that call.


Its a fine sign that a group with a fairly decent following, who have managed to arouse interest before a first album, haven’t caved to the pressure, and ARE able to offer a series of songs with connectivity, freshness and an inspirational boost that gives something new to the Deep House genre it joins. Chasing Kurt is one of those moments when “we bumped into each other” really works, as the stuff of legend often prescribes rather than supports. So much of the music of Chasing Kurt remains fresh despite the bands organizational cliches – cliches that give other “first timers” the misguided assumption that the formula is there to be followed, rather than the formula tattooing itself onto who it will. But isn’t that so German?  To hear a guy singing in a bar, decide that he’s the right one for your “band” that is going to set the world on fire in a genre that’s been consistent since the 1980’s and then… actually set the world on fire?


Maybe – maybe not.

Either way, listening to From the Inside, I couldn’t shake the feeling that geographic time and place had more than a little to do with the spot on stylings of Chasing Kurt, reminding me that sometimes being physically separate from what you love and ache for can increase appreciation rather than still it (absence make the heart grow fonder). The entire album, from ‘Family Guys’, through the deep explorations of ‘In Control’, the overt sensual emphasis of ‘Take me Home’ (loved that track) ending in the self conscious treatment of ‘This Is My Religion’ is about the music itself, the absorption, the adoration and the worship of a group of young men lost in an ocean of ravenous introspection. Chasing Kurt have openly confessed the group spend lots of time with each other chilling to music that gets them off, as an alternative to the “deadness” they experience all around them, and this is what feeds From The Inside, making it pulse with authenticity, freshness and above all, personal recognition. Even if you’re not a fan of Deep House you know the feeling of being alone in an ocean of unabsorbable sound, and From the Inside is the antidote to that feeling.


The question is, and I am aware of how unfair it is to pose this right here right now, can they take us to the next place also?

From The Inside gave me lots of cause for love; The album can be “experienced” at Suol (a label to watch all on its own) and you can pur-chase it here.