The Sydney Fringe Festival about to kick off.

The Sydney Fringe Festival is on from September 6 through to September 29. Get tickets and info here.

Given Australia go to the election polls on the 7th of September, and our two-party system has thrown us two very right-wing choices (we actually have a candidate that makes George Bush Jnr look like the moderate left), the bohemian side of Sydney will no doubt be very hungry to kick up its heels, console itself in cheap booze, and bring art to the forefront of our consciousness for a glorious three and a half fecund and intelligent weeks.


Over three hundred shows across a little more than three weeks, this is just the fourth Sydney fringe festival, and already the organizers have lifted the bar and taken the whole thing up a notch. The fourth annual festival promises to be one huge month-long celebration of art, theatre, music and sound, dance, poetry, film, food and wine. With over 60 venues across five distinct creative villages on the city’s fringe, the 2013 Sydney Fringe Festival offers a unique cultural journey of experiences for those who are looking to discover something new in the back streets of Sydney. I’m lucky enough to live in the hearts beat of this area of Sydney. It’s my favorite time of the year, as the streets are a buzz with excitement and the thrill only edgy art can bring.


This year, include the Seymour Centre courtyard being transformed into The Emrald City, a late night garden bar with loads of free acts including music, comedy and cabaret. Also the fabulous pop-up bar of Eliza’s Juke Joint will be this years hub at the 5-Eliza address.  I spent quite a few hours at 5-Eliza last year listening to some wonderful experimental music. The pop-up hub bar’s are a great idea to get connected, and this year looks like its going to be better than ever.


In the Newtown festival village, revellers can visit the Fringe’s new music venue Eliza’s Juke Joint, check out the free Artcore Guerllia Artfair event in the Dendy cinema carpark, get in touch with their inner child while playing some games at Camp Super Happy Sunshine Fun at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre.

Leichhardt festival-goers can take in some theatre with Equus at The Forum, marvel at the fire based circus act from Circaholics Anonymous and take in a magic show at AV Union.


In Marrickville, Camelot Lounge will feature a month of live music, including the vocal styles of Abby Dobson, whilst the Factory Theatre plays host to the hilariously offbeat Fringe Comedy.

Whilst visiting Surry Hills, audiences can visit Slide Lounge for burlesque shows and a late night bar, check out an independent theatre line up at the Old Fitzroy Theatre, or catch Emma Pask at Venue 505 or Lisa Chappell performing at The Old 505 Theatre.


In the Glebe and Chippendale villages, guests can discover all that’s on offer, from terrific artisan food to hidden galleries and live performances, including a fresh comedy line up at Bedlam Bar and exhibitions at White Rabbit Gallery or Matty Grey’s Slime Time at the Seymour Centre as part of Sydney Fringe Kids.


I already have two solid weeks booked up with theatre alone.  I’m trying to squeeze some music in there, and of course my absolute favourite part of the Sydney Fringe, the sexy film line-ups. This year film includes: The Sydney Fringe Film Festival, Seen and Heard Film Festival (films made by women), My personal favourite, the Sydney Underground Film Festival, The Queer Screen Film Fest, Techno Film Showcase (which actually looks AMAZING), Butch Please Mini Film Fest, AS well as a variety of small film art shows that I will do my level best to get to.


All in all, it promises to be an exciting Sydney Fringe Festival this year, with many of the events being small, intimate celebrations of local and international arts culture. I’ll be posting as many reviews and general feedback as I can about my experience here and all the great joys and pleasures Sydney brings, so be sure to pop by and have a glance.