Farewell to the art posts.

It is with mixed feelings that I inform my regular readers of this blog (have I told you lately that I love you?) that I have removed virtually all the art posts from these pages.

The reason behind this is, primarily, the spate of negative comments I received because I used Wikipedia as the information source.

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This is not an image of me.

Because I call myself a writer, and despite the disclaimer I added at the top of each art page, and in my about page, I still received almost daily comments accusing me of using copying Wikipedia as the informational source, as if I were somehow laying claim to all the art information Wikipedia has stored up.


While I do know all about the complexities of plagerism and never, at any point, claim to be a writer of chronological histories, I decided eventually that there was nothing I could do to explain the art posts were merely a pasting of relevant Wiki’s WITH THE IMAGES INCLUDED for a reference and interest point.  Despite links back to Wikipedia and multiple reference points, it was repeatedly assumed I was “pretending” I wrote these posts myself. Why anyone would imagine I would openly advertise my own plagerism is beyond me – but I have come to understand internet communication always assumes superiority in the reader / viewer and some sort of grovelling pathos in the writer / artists. It seemed my art posts were giving too many people of average intelligence the opportunity to think they had caught me out.

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So after a couple of years of this nonsense, I have officially had enough.  I removed all of them today.

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I want to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who has used those posts to link to their own blog, or to the many normal people who felt they could enjoy them despite the flaunting of my criminal practice.  For those of you who do look up Wikipedia to learn a little more about visual arts, please remember to google image the work – it brings biography alive if you have a chance to see the images before you, and it pays respect to the artist.

Just don’t tell anyone you did it.

And for those of you bereft of the opportunity for inane criticism, you can always accuse me of claiming to have made all the films, all the albums and all the books I will continue to review here.

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