Cooper / Abrahams duo at the Seymour Centre in Sydney tonight. Catch it if you can. (music performance)

For those lucky enough to be in Sydney at the moment, two of my absolute favorite artists are playing together tonight at the Sima lounge at the Seymour Centre. Mike Cooper and Chris Abrahams will be there playing together. A collaboration that has meant a lot to both for some time.


If I were a list maker (and I am SO not) Mike Coopers amazing album from 2012 Radio Paradise, would have been in my top ten for the year. Its one of the most amazing deconstructed Blues records I’ve ever heard.  This is a musician who can work the strings in a way only one with decades of experience and passion for music can produce.


Chris Abraham’s is the piano player for The Necks, and someone I’ve been following around a bit this year, like the pathetic starving listener that I am. His work is always exhilarating, pushing boundaries and crossing frontiers.


Together they work some magic to create the most thrilling exciting of sounds.

If you are in Sydney at the moment – don’t miss this event. I’ll be there wearing my best bells. You can still grab tickets here. And check my for write-up of this concert tomorrow.

Below I’ve posted a little cruisy Necks to get you in the mood.