Pythagoron Inc. 1977 – Electronica at its most mystical. (music review)

I’ve been letting it all take me away today (actually that’s not true – I’ve really been in a writing frenzy) to the sounds of Pythagoron Inc. 1977… and that part is true!


This lovely little snippet of electronica from 1977 is one of those beautiful pieces best enjoyed on your own. Pythagoron Inc. 1977 is white noise and drum machines processed and echoplexed until any appearance of momentum is subdued and immersed in slow-moving procession-like drone waves.  Its one of those eyes closed in the dark-type experiences. I couldn’t find much info on the two-track record, except that it is likely the album came from a place called Garnerville  around New York City where are collective known as USCO (a media art group known as The Company of Us) were doing their thang for most of the sixties and early seventies.

I found this little bit on USCO on the Machine music websire:

USCO belonged to a generation of eccentric psychic pioneers whose fascination with technology and mysticism resulted in the creation of mind-expanding art, infinity machines and environments. Pythagoron Inc. 1977 built on those previous efforts to rehabilitate consciousness – but this time using electronic modulations and pulsating rhythms.


For me, this is meditative bliss.



“You are relaxed, lying down in a darkened room – eyes closed, your mind quiets and the sound begins – it pours through like an enveloping shower. The tones gradually become a familiar place where ethereal images and ideas flicker, then solidify. Trusting the experience you let go and the sound seems to dissolve. You couldn’t describe this space – yet it’s familiar, a personal awareness that always was slightly out of reach. Gradually it ends – an experience as varied as your consciousness.

‘Pythagoron brings you to a different place.’

Phytagoron is not just music – but sound controlled with electronic precision to alter your awareness, to get you high. Developed through years of research into the resonant interaction of sound and brainwave patterns, Pythagoron sound is unique in concept and production.”