The NOW now festival – A Festival of Exploratory / Spontaneous / Experimental / Improvised / Outsider / Other Musics.

January is always a busy time for Sydney-siders with our festival on and all, but this year I’ve decided to stick to the lesser known realms (even though Nick – i am madly in love with you – Cave is in town) and check out some art projects and such. I’ll be attending the Now Now festival – detailed below.  I’m also going to get along to as much of Short and Sweet as I can. I will also be hunting down some local gallery projects and giving my lovely readers (most of you from the other side of the world) a good look at what Sydney is like in January.

If you’re all lucky, I may even grab some famous shitty Lisa photographs for the blog. (I have a well deserved reputation for a very one-sided passion for photography. I love it, but it really hates me.)

From Jan 9 through to Jan 13 I will be covering as much of the Now Now festival as I can shimmy my little butt along to.  I wasn’t able to make it last year and so I am really looking forward to it this year.  There is nothing like experimental music live.  It gives the soul wings.

Here’s the blurb for what I (and my lovely blog readers) are to expect from the festival:

The NOW now festival presents music / sound / art without borders, with a

wide scope including sound sculpture, improv, composed music, new collaborations,

trash rock, noise, silence, electronic music, jazz, comedy, and everything in-between.

An inclusive approach requiring only an interest in sound… now in its 12th year(!),

the festival will run from 9-13th January 2013. It will include 5 huge nights of music,

the second annual NOW now group show (an exhibition of experimental, sound

related art) at SNO Gallery and some amazing daytime events such as; a performance

at Gordon’s Bay, an experimental food and music event and events in one of

Marrickville’s newest warehouse spaces. There will be a humongous array of local,

interstate, and international artists… Over 60 in fact! Expect an enormous

presentation of exploratory / spontaneous / experimental / improvised / outsider /

other musics.

Here’s the amazing line-up I’m in for:

NOW now festival program poster

 So, if any of you will be lucky enough to be in Sydney Jan 9-13, drop into the festival. Tickets are $20 per night and can be purchased here or at the door. 

Otherwise, look forward the full coverage from me, here on the blog.