Call for Submissions: I’d like to review your self published literary novel.

Hello there all my dear readers and fellow writers,

This blog has grown quite dramatically in the last twelve months. It has become a respected review source, so much so that my name is now added to media and press events listings for music, theatre and film – which means in the future I will be able to give you the goss on film, music and theatre just prior to the release dates. (Of course I’ll still be harping on about all the old stuff too)

I’m pleased and proud of this accomplishment. My readership has swollen to over 150,000 readers a month. 2013 will be all about fine tuning this blog, so that it has more independence, stronger click through rates, higher quality articles and generally just a better place to hang out if you want a little depth in your day.

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I have a pile of books to review on my desk at the moment and a pile by the side of my bed. I’m getting faster at reading, so these will all be reviewed in the forthcoming weeks, but one of the things I noticed was I have no time to go in search of independent self-published literary works.

Now if you think about it, literature has a strong history in self publishing, usually because the larger houses won’t publish them. The gems and the pulsing heart of literature has always been in these forward thinking writers that are too much of a risk for publishing. It doesn’t work for me that I don’t get a chance to read this writing.


Id like to open an invitation to review your book, if you have self-published.

There are a couple of rules:

1. I’m only open to literature at this point. I can’t review genre, simply because I am one itty bitty chicky and I have time constraints. Genre for me is sci-fi, detective, romance, western, horror, bizzaro, etc. Now I know I know I know the barriers get crossed all the time. If you think you have one of these books but knowing me and my blog, still think it fits, shoot me an email at sendlisamessage(at)gmail(dot)com and we will work it out together.

2. Contact me on the email and lets chat a little first and then I will be asking you to send me a copy. It can be e-copy. I’m an e friendly reader. But I am not releasing an addy just yet. I don’t want to receive books that I will not read and will not review.


3. I review what I like. I’m very much a modern world style of reviewer and I have no desire to trash anything on this blog. If I don’t like it, I won’t review it (Contemporary film is the only exception here). The reason I don’t give bad reviews is simply because I don’t think its valuable. My integrity comes through my choices. Once I choose to review something I like to go deeply into it and work through what the artist is doing and feel my way into writing in a collaborative way. I don’t want to do anything like this with something that isn’t ringing my bells. Its not my style.

4. Self published means self published. Not through a small press. The only exception to this is if you have “started a small press” purely to publish your own work.

5. I tend to fall into the Continental Philosophy style of thinking around literature – so I like post-modernism, modernism, poetry, and all that stuff that usually gets trashed around the traps. I’d do a better review of something like that.

6. I’m steering away from reviewing friends, unless the work is so good I can’t resist. It keeps my reputation sound if I am careful about relationships and their impact on my reviews.

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