In Box Drops – Music and stuff that’s landed on me this week.

Check out some of the stuff that’s landed this week:

Kail Baxley Anyone who reads this blog knows country’s not my thang, but when I like it I really like it. Kail Baxley has a pretty new album out Feb 5 that will be a double for lucky us.  Check this out.  Its pretty, no?

KaiL Baxley will release debut double EP Heatstroke / The Wind And The War February 5th, via Forty Below Records!

Bear Colony Bear Colony released their new album a day or two ago.  A little like Death Cab for Cutie, this is a sweet easy listening sort of sound.  Soft Eyes is released via Esperanza Plantation!  Full album streaming all week at AOL/Spinner!  Here’s a sample now:



Moon Moods was released October 9, but I’ve been catching up with this nice little disc this week.  Check it out.

Black Forest Fire

Transit of Venus has just come out November 13 for fans of shoegaze – which I occasionally am. Austin based indie trio fuses highly melodic gems to a melancholic, swirling and hypnotic sonic backdrop marked by ironic lyrics of the modern world gone mad.

Wandelweiser und so weiter

I am thrilled that the Wanselweiser box set has arrived at my door. I immediately tore through the plastic, had myself photographed with it, scattered it over my bed and rolled around on it for hours. Now I am going to have a listen.

Expect this little beauty to be reviewed here over the next few weeks.