In Box drops – some music and stuff that’s landed on me this week.

I thought I would toss a couple of sounds your way, seeing as a bit of stuff has been landing on me recently. I won’t be able to review all of the below – some of it is happening next week… but here are some tasties that will be around over the next few weeks / months etc.

Pere Ubu

Strangely I haven’t been in the worshippers fan club and I’m not 100% sure why seeing as the underground super group are right up my alley.  However, I like  the sound of this track from the forthcoming album Lady from Shanghai.  Expect this release around Jan 18 and all the flurry that will come with it.

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding

This cute little Aussie outfit (Craig Dermody – now a New York resident) whose release Para Vista Social Club originally pressed up to just 200 copies with each sleeve painted by Craig Dermody himself, these have now long since sold out, however the album will be released to the rest of the world by Critical Heights.  Here are a couple of their ditties – I rather like the film clip for Rejected so I added it here:

Preservation Records

I’ve had some stunning music sent to me from Preservation Records, which will be on the review rotation next week. Here is a track from a particular favourite of mine as I’ve been having some wonderful listening this week.

Mike Cooper

I will take a deeper look at this, but check out this lush little video that Mike Cooper sent me?