Marc Baron – ∩: Outsider music at its most outside

Seven tracks, all exactly seven minutes long.

The Cathnor website says:

A seven part composition involving saxophone, silence, guttaral splutters and a few other items aside. Individual, unusual music by one of the most intriguing musicians around today.

I don’t know a great deal bout Marc Baron, though I’ve done a bit of searching. This is not an album for the early initiates into experimental music (even though I guess I still class as one of those) as it is a challenge to get your mind around the seven tracks. Every track except for track 3 starts with the exact same still note piercing through the consciousness only to transmute into multiple variations that includes on track 5 the human voice.

Seven is God’s perfect number. From the Seven days of Creation to the Seven Seals of Revelation, Scripture is saturated with the Number Seven. It’s impossible to imagine Marc Baron didn’t have this in mind in some incarnation when he made his amazing Album ∩. The tone established in the first track that will herald the start of each subsequent track, acts like a citation. Because of its initiation of the listener, the subsequent tracks occur almost predestined as if each track is a variant of an internal metaphor or a psychomachy between two subjects who are at the same time one. The repetition speaks to both a coherency and an unresolved conflict of this subjectivity.

At the same time the conflict is resolved through silence. Silence acts as the foundational element that proves the inessentiality and the frivolity of sound. The way that Baron uses sound disposes the silence so that it takes on a kind of auditory sacramental garb. In this way any listening conflict is resolved via the spirit.  A duel natured spirit inspiring a kind of auditive liturgy and the transmogrify of art. We have acts of cleansing and creation together. Seven days.  Seven songs.

For me, it is this perfection that lies at the heart of this beautiful disc. A kind of bi polar subjectivity determining the prospects of the soul. We know as listeners we need to be born again. The ability to allow for this includes an acknowledging of the psychic stains on our listening, the corrupting and corruptible mark of Cain.

In mathematics, ∩ is the point that is intersected with. A ∩ B means the set that contains all those elements that A and B have in common. Possibly this refers to our opening tone, however I prefer to think of the intersection point as a certain development in the human creatures auditory response to music as art form. A point at which the resolution of conflict and the arrival of a kind of faith-based intuitive listening that starts and ends with silence. Marc Baron may or may not have intended this with ∩ but that is irrelevant because this disc belongs entirely to the listener now.

You can purchase copies of this wonderful disc here.