Skeleton$ – music love from New York City

It’s a music day today.  I”ve got some reviews to sort and without a doubt the best part of that job is heading into a bands background and doing some research.  Tracing a musical path to see how influences affect sound.  Today’s meanderings have brought me back to Skeleton$ and I realised I haven’t ever written about this great NYC band.

Money was the L.P. I met them through. Anything with a vaguely proggy sound and or subterranean jazz influences is always going to catch my eye and I thought this little disc kinda fell from heaven.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I don’t give two hoots about “accessible” so it should be known this album is a challenging listen. It’s kinda all over the shop.  It might be a limp attack on high flyers on wall street, it might not be.  Either way it works for me. I like being taken on a cerebral wild ride, and these guys are happy to oblige.

Skeletons began as the solo project of Chicago native musician and filmmaker Matt Mehlan in 2001. In 2003, Mehlan released the albums Life and the Afterbirth and I’m At the Top of the World on Shinkoyo, an Oberlin College-based music collective known for its focus on group improvisation and DIY ethics.  Money was released Nov 4 2008 on Tomlab.

Take a listen to the above and then check out their bandcamp page.