Sydney Fringe Festival

Hello everyone…

Well I am out of hibernation now and looking forward to giving you tons of music reviews, film reviews and Booker Long List feedback.  But most exciting of all at the moment is the Sydney Fringe Festival that started on Thursday this week.

I’ve booked myself up for lots of goodies:  Some live music, theatre, The Sydney Fringe Film Festival and most exciting of all to me at the moment – The Sydney Underground Film Festival which I am attending tomorrow.

I’m way behind with some class A music I’ve been listening to, and I have a stack of new stuff that I am keen to review.  Its going to be a thrilling and busy couple of weeks.

The Man Booker short list will be announced in a few days. I’ve managed to read three of the long list, so I’ll give you some feedback here and look forward to the results.  So far I’ve had a wonderful time with that reading.

Thank you to everyone who has remained loyal to my little corner of the internet in the month I’ve been busy elsewhere.