Announcing changes to the Lisa Thatcher Blog

All in 1, Installation, International, Sculpture
ZIMOUN, Sound Sculptures & Installations, 2011. INTERNATIONAL

Good morning my lovely readers.

This is a post to let you know there will be some changes to the blog from today forward.

I want to thank everyone for your encouraging readership. In terms of daily hit statistics and people signing up, the blog has been a great success in my little world.  Many of you have become daily and weekly readers and I am so happy that the information I find valuable has been something others find interesting as well. Art and creative expression is everything to me – it tells us what it means to be human –  and this blog is a simple and pure expression of my daily encounters with the artistic subject.

Like all growing things, I am going through some creative changes. I had a book published recently, and I have a novel that will be ready this year also. I have started to review for Dusted Magazine (I am chuffed to be writing for them) and have encountered several opportunities regarding my forthcoming newsletter. All of these obligations take time.  Time I am thrilled to give to this writing. Time that must come from some other place.


Comments and Social media.

As of today I am going to remove opportunities to comment and social media connect links (As soon as I work out how to do this) . My intention is not to close down dialogue around the posts. My intention is to encourage people to write their own blogs and criticise or theorize that way. Social media encourages thoughtless response, and while so many of you have been deeply kind with your comments, I loathe the idea that you feel obliged to say something. Let me liberate everyone, and take away the need to comment. If something moves you deeply, look into it and learn more about it. Buy a book written on the subject. Send your happy energy that way rather than tell me I did a good job. We don’t need our egos fed in this day and age, we need to look deeper into the subject/object. Thank you again for all your kind supportive comments and I wish you great success in your further exploration of any subject on the blog.

Change in theme

Yes!  There will be a theme change. I am exploring a premium theme at the moment. Something has happened to my clean lay out here and I will have to change now to have the blog the way I want it. So that will be coming in the next few weeks.

Art Posts

The art posts are not my writing, they are wiki entries with the images tacked in. I add them simply because I love exploring an artist every day.  Without the art posts, I would not stay connected to art (it’s not something in my world) and therefore would miss the benefits I receive from looking at the images.  These are by far my most popular posts.  Because they are not my writing, I felt I needed to remove them from the blog. After much soul-searching I have decided to leave them up, but to change the nature of the post. I will now give a small section of the most interesting part of the wiki, and add my own commentary and why I feel moved by the work.  They will be shorter, and mostly informed by whatever philosophy I am reading at the time.  They will remain the project that they are – I’m not an art critic, historian or commentator and never will be – but I will personalise them in order to keep them on the blog.

Film Posts

Film posts will become shorter and will be an observational comment on the film of my choice without any reference to plot.  There are so many excellent film blogs on the internet.  No one needs an additional commentary that is gleaned primarily from my internet research anyway.  Anything I have found on the net, can be found by anyone.  “Knowledge” is no longer valuable when it is repeated. Critical context is of far greater value. Therefore film posts will be an examination of a film through the lens of philosophy I will be reading at the time. Apologies if this gets a little “high brow” – but no one needs me to re-hash what has been said so very well in so many other places.

Music Posts

Despite their lack of popularity, the music posts are deeply important to me and will remain in the realm of the avant-garde. There are so few Indie posts or popular album posts as it is, and there will be less in the future. I adore exploratory music and sound art, and feel deeply compelled toward the ongoing critical dialogue. This is going to remain.  I will keep writing about older albums as well as the newer ones, but I am going to stick with what I love.

Literature Posts

There have been very few of these as I didn’t have so much time to write about what I was reading.  Again, I will be adding more of these, but they will not be plot oriented. They will have one or two points to consider and will be kept short. That way I can add more books into the posts without losing so much time.

Philosophy Posts

I am an autodidact and one of the complications of that is an innate fear of the gaps in ones own educative thinking. However, it is bullshit to call yourself an autodidact if you are not willing to put your thinking on the line and to the test. Therefore, I will start to add some philosophy posts that do not just reorganise the ideas of others, but ask critical questions and examine ideas in a deeper context.

Theatre and Concerts

I will add some posts about theatre and concerts that I attend. Although this is not of great value to those outside of my own city, I am intending to travel more in the very near future and I will add theatre and concert visits to those trips. I will write about these as regularly as I can.


The Newsletter has not started yet, because I have had some offers that have changed the nature of what I want to provide there. The intention of the newsletter is to carry longer, deeper posts. I want it to be free, but I want it to be valuable as well. It is still in its planning phase but it will contain essays, interviews and commentary when it does happen.


I know this is mean, but I am removing all links on the blog. It’s not that I don’t want to support and encourage you looking at other brilliant and talented blogs, its more that they are an enormous task to maintain. I have to regularly check on them, and make sure they are still the site I want to recommend. You’re all very intelligent,  savvy readers. You don’t need me to tell you who I read – especially when I actually don’t “get out much”. You probably have a far better daily reader than I have, and a much more sophisticated email list. I’m going to assume this, and remove the links at the bottom of the side bar.

Thanks again – so much everyone – for all your ongoing support of my blog. I hope these changes aren’t too jarring and that we are able to travel forward with a passion and a love for all things art.