Ghedalia Tazartes – 1996 – Une Eclipse Totale du Soleil. Taste the strange.

Ghédalia Tazartès is a French musician born in 1947. Although, initially, his work is rooted in the legacy Ladino (his family is from the Jewish Community of Turkey), Ghédalia Tazartès is an unclassifiable artist, primarily instinctive and free, and has been described as being in the making of the music rather than in the theory of music.


This is true avant-garde, with a little “even-defies-that-category” tossed in for good measure. The most exciting thing about listening to Ghédalia Tazartès and in this instance, Une Eclipse Totale du Soleil, is the total freedom of expression. This is an artist abolishing prescribed nuances and rallying against traditional norms. Listening to this album gives one the impression a war is being waged against sound expectation as segues cut against the listening grain and sound is plastered together from every imaginable source all the while keeping “true” to a thing we recognise as “music”. And this is a rather interesting point. Given his grounding in Pierre Schaffer and Pierre Henry, he remains within the boundaries of identifiable music, playing with expectation and tradition rather than the sound art concept.


Pierre Hemptinne gives an excellent description (forgive my pathetic google translation)

” What interests him is what have to say these sound objects in the world around us, material and immaterial world, world of market exchange and non-profit. It makes them more talkative, he is speaking immersing them in arrangements that are foreign. He cut up images and sound according to the techniques used in film and this technique reveals their meaning.They are true sound films leaving much room for interpretation because the sound prescriber is less than the image.  “


But also plays various instruments autodidact. The music has been called sound poetry, and I guess this is a good description, particularly with the emphasis on voice in classical texts that Tazartès brings to his sounds. These include: Stephane Mallarme on Diasporas / Tazartès , Paul Verlaine in A L’Ombre Travel , Arthur Rimbaud and Verlaine in 2006. He performs solo since 2010 (over 30 concerts around the world) and presented a new project, the Cinemix “Haxan” (“Witchcraft Through the Ages”) 21 April 2011 at the Fondation Cartier.