Exciting Newsletter announcement #1 – Booker Prize short listed author Stephen Kelman chats with Lisa Thatcher

I told you the newsletter would be good!

Exciting announcement #1 is:

Acclaimed author Stephen Kelman  – currently hard at work on his second book – has agreed to take a little time out to have a brief chat with me about the pleasures and pressures of being a first time author short listed for the Booker Prize.

The First Lisa Thatcher Newsletter goes out June 15. 

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I have now completed Pigeon English and will add a review here in the next couple of days.  Keep your eyes peeled for my in depth look at this most remarkable first novel.


Stephen Kelman was born in Luton in 1976. After finishing his degree he worked variously as a warehouse operative, a careworker, and in marketing and local government administration. He decided to pursue his writing seriously in 2005, and has completed several feature screenplays since then. Pigeon English, published by Bloomsbury in March 2011 and in paperback in January 2012, is his first novel.