Announcing: The Lisa Thatcher Newsletter

A warm and very friendly greeting to all the lovely folk that pop in and read this blog.

I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your visits. I feel very encouraged by the strength of your response.  The blog has now hit the “regular” 100,000 visits a month club and it makes me feel so encouraged to – not just continue – but come up with new ideas to keep all of us closer to the pulsing and beating heart of “deep” culture.

So the latest incarnation of that is a bi-monthly newsletter.

One of the commitments on this blog is to go “deep” rather than “broad”.  Given the frequency of posting, the “deep” we engage in together here has its limits. I still have my moments of frustration when I realise a post has reached 1500 words and that to go on would take up too much of my treasured readers valuable time.

(Of course this regularly doesn’t stop me blathering on to greater lengths – but I realise few of you have the time to engage with long posts on a daily basis.)

A newsletter is the answer to this.

Twice a month, lucky subscribers will receive a newsletter in their email similar to a short zine. The newsletter will have snippets about what I’m reading and listening to, interviews with popular writers, film makers, artists and musicians, as well as articles gleaned from the current events of our cultural world. The kind of stuff it takes me longer to write – the kind of stuff it will take a few days to float through as a reader. None of this material will appear on the blog.  The newsletter will appear on Friday’s.  Evening if you are in my part of the world, mid day if you are in the upper part of the world. Just in time for the slow processing period of the weekend, and the Friday wind down glass of wine.

If that is your thing.

The first of these will go out Friday the 15th of June.  I will post a few more updates between now and then to whet your appetite with promises of intellectually seductive content.

In the meantime, join the list of clever culture connoisseurs who have already signed up, by adding your email to the list here.

Don’t forget to opt in at your inbox, and authorise the content so that you don’t end up missing out.

Thanks again for all your support.  I hope you will enjoy the latest addition to the ongoing cultural conversation.

The images above come from my favourite film of all time – Vivre Sa Vie by Jean Luc Godard.

I’ll add my favourite scene for your decidedly “deep” pleasure.