Conrad Schnitzler – Ricardo Villalobos – Max Loderbauer – Zug reshaped and remodeled

I have a lovely little treat for you lucky lucky readers today!

Anyone who reads this blog knows of my deep abiding love of Conrad Schnitzler and my appreciation for what he did within the world of electronic music. Of course I’m not the only one who feels this way about him.  M=Minimal have dedicated a large part of their label to the distribution of his music.  Today’s little item is part of that collection.

Two wonderful D.J’s with whom I am unfamiliar up until now, have also displayed their love for Conrad by “reshaping and remodeling” the works on his classic LP Zug. M=Minimal released Zug as their introductory release to set the tone for the label. You can take a look at that release and purchase here, and hae a peek at the release notes here.  Introductory notes had this to say:

Schnitzler’s Zug is one of the most important and first

electronic minimalist works that were published in the 70s.

Almost simultaneously with the Kraftwerk’s groundbreaking

“Autobahn” Zug appeared on the legendary “the red cassette“. The Wire Magazine wrote about Zug:

“Kraftwerk might have used similar methods to create rhythm” and “three decades on, it still sounds the future”. We at m=minimal can only join those statements.

So take a little listen to Zug:

Now take a little listen to this:

 Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer were so fascinated by the „Zug“ that they immediately accepted to deliver two reshapes of this milestone of electronic music.  I don’t know a lot about these D.J’s so I am relying on the M=Minimal release notes here to give you some background.

Max Loderbauer is a veteran of the Berlin “techno” scene, who became known with his project “Sun Electric”. For his current project NSI and as a member of the “Moritz von Oswald Trio” Max Loderbauer enjoys a worldwide reputation. His great cooperation with Ricardo Villalobos, for the legendary ECM label, appears in many “Best of 2011″ lists. Richardo Villalobos is one of the leading techno DJ / producer / musicians. He influenced the scene for more than 15 years.

Take a listen to the Aktion mix:

This track has a more determined thrust in keeping with its namesake. It teases with a lovers skill paring down only to make way for the fanatic machinations of a Schnitzler inspired heart beat burst into the sultry depths opened up in the arms of the remix.This track is relentless. it constantly threatens to expand into a universe you’re not prepared for.  Aspects of the mixes are sparse but this only creates a more evocative sound space, with thinner layers more delicately woven with each outmanoeuvring the sound that came before it, making full use of the silent spaces as a backdrop for music that seems to travel through time.

Grab yourself a copy as fast as you can.