Tim Coster – A place in the Sun. Music to end time to.

After Foucault we have the option of seeing history as an epistemological horizon against which certain statements are possible. History is no longer a series of events and concepts in some sort of liniear progression.  After John Cage something similar may be stated about music, and silence; that certain kinds of music are an epistemological horizon against which certain listening “statements” can be made. Listening is no longer a passive excersice.  It is a collaboration in a similar way a reader collaborates with a writer to bring a work of literature alive. Given this crucial transformation in the possibilitity of music, how then is music able to remain the same as it always has?

The answer is in a collection like Tim Coster’s, A place in the Sun. Here the musical constitution and motive of sound apprehension shuffles from immanence against silence to explicitness. This is the music of found objects, found sounds, computer music, field recordings, and some orchestration muted, transformed through technologies, played back against itself, looped over and above itself to arrive a place we recognise.  Sounds that have been a part of us, but not part of the listening expereince.

We no longer have permission to colonize music. Music is no longer the abused handservent of some overarching internal quest for peace of truth of the individual, perpetually falling prey to our shallow needs. The world is already music, and Tim Coster (and others like him) are the index, their work the very culmination of the collection and collating of sounds as music to reach us where we stand. The world is already the droning beauty, the meanderings sweeps of tone and the endless consuming float of thick sound Tim contextualises for us and we only have to be prepared to hear its beauty experientially.

Isn’t that gorgeous?

This is an outpouring of sound from the exhausted cultural remains transmuted away from the traditional rhetoric of music laid against the explosiveness of the modern musical space. We are in the music here, our virtual DNA is a part of the sounds Tim casually and not so casually chose when he searched for the new in the world of the old.  This is music free to explore the world only known as music, hold our hand, and give us a guided tour into ourselves. And who wouldn’t want to do that?

You can grab a copy of this sublime cassette as cassette or download through Fictitious Sighs or Tim’s Bandcamp page.