Brandlmayr, Dafeldecker, Fennesz – Till the old world’s blown up and a new one is created.

You know the hour.

It’s late, you’ve got that work-weary satisfaction deep in your bones combined with an I’m-not-ready-yet fear of the next day. This is the time recommended for you to be listening to this LP.  It’s an interesting suggestion because despite the latent jazz building blocks, this is not a lull-you-to-sleep experience. Its much more of an introduction to another world. It’s an introduction to the new world that has  been created out of the older world that has been blown up.

Take a listen:

This is a classic released by m=minimal on vinyl for our listening pleasure. The beauty in this masterpiece lies in the tireless precision of the post-production work and the collaborative meshing of the artists. This is a slow, tickling pleasure that sneaks up on you – particularly if you take the advice and listen to the tracks at the suggested time. Its a simmering smoulder this LP, creating an almost ghostlike whisper against the familiar jazz jams that lock the works against their backdrop.

The story goes, Till The World’s Blown Up And A New One Is Created is the name of the group project created by Austrian musicians Christian Fennesz, Martin Brandlmayr and Werner Dafeldecker.  This album began life with each member of the trio composing their own short piece of music, edited from a number of improvised sessions. Once these individual tracks had been completed, they in turn were dissected – each one being stripped down to a few key fragments which were then used as the building blocks for a single long composition.

This thirty-five minute work took the group some four years of what they call “intermittent activity”, ultimately resulting in the incredibly abstract final product. Far from being a case of tacking together the three constituent parts, this long-form piece is littered with gaps, fissures and dismantled interludes populated by only the slightest glimmers of instrumentation, or at certain points, seemingly nothing at all. Time seems to have a heaviness here, and it’s easy to become disoriented by the infinitesimally subtle, labyrinthine network of fragments that seem to rise up and fade from the mix. (Funky Souls Forum)

Sections of this release are so pared down they synthesise into a mirroring of the other, in such a way as to awaken the underlying currents existent between the flow of artist to artist / instrument to instrument. Each mirrors the predicament of the other within the confines of the piece and the post-production that has re-mashed the parts into a whole greater than each dreamed possible, but also properly retaining that which each part is in their entirety. The post-production, despite its precision and its devotion to a new ‘creature’ has not been able to master or subordinate the individual and wat they bring, but rather includes all of that in the enormity of what is ‘left’. It’s easy to see why this is considered such a masterpiece.

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The Tracks are


Till The Old World´s Blown Up And A New One Is Created Part 1


Till The Old World´s Blown Up And A New One Is Created Part 2

Editing and arrangement by Martin Brandlmayr

Martin Brandlmayr: drums, vibraphone, computer

Werner Dafeldecker: double bass, tape delay, computer

Christian Fennesz: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, computer

Recorded By [Source Material] – Christoph Amann

Recorded By [Additional Recordings] – Fennesz, Brandlmayr, Dafeldecker

Mixdown by Werner Dafeldecker

Piano – Martin Brandlmayr

Original Mastering by Nicholas Bussman, Studio Beige

Vinyl mastering by Studio Wannsee

Vinyl cut by Stefan Bethke, scape mastering

Cover artwork by Christian Borngräber

Cover photography: Jens Strüver

Here the label’s announcement:

„The rebirth of cool“

M=Minimal is pleased to release a masterpiece of the early 21st century on vinyl.

“Till the old world´s blown up and a new one is created” is an outstanding work of reductionism and minimalism.

Martin Brandlmayr, Werner Dafeldecker and Christian Fennesz created a new kind of Cool Jazz coupled with a big portion of New York School ( Cage, Feldman, Brown und Wolff).

It’s hard to describe the music with words. This work reveals it´s secrets only after listening to it a couple of times. It grows with each time you listen to it.In this work, silence and noise are never used as an end in itself. As equal parameters they stand in the composition that also has space for some tonal “flowers”.

Our recommended listening time is – round about midnight.