Jack White – Blunderbuss: Not a review.

Because I really like Jack White and because I am not going to review things I really don’t like on this blog, I will not be reviewing Blunderbuss.

Also, I am aware of this:

The sleeve of Jack White’s recent single “Sixteen Saltines” shows the man in a mirror, a straight razor near his neck. Two signs sandwich his reflected face. They read: “IF YOU TALK TOO MUCH… THIS MAN MAY DIE!”  (Pitchfork)

… and I definitely don’t want to talk too much.

Instead I have just two things to say:

1. This is a man who is at his most potent when collaborating with a powerful woman (which makes him even more interesting in my eyes)

2. He must go a lot deeper (and grow up a great deal) if he is ever going to go out on his own again.

You can buy Blunderbuss through Jack Whites website here.