Addison Groove – Transistor Rhythm: A pleasant surprise

Never let it be said that I don’t throw in the odd surprise here on my tiny corner of the net.

I bought this album (I know I know) purely based on the Dusted review by Brad LaBonte and my subsequent listen around. It’s a very ‘not Lisa’ kind of album – I mean Bad Things (featuring Spank Rock) is just a repeat of lines like “oh that pussy gets” and that’s the modest start (really!  This genre honestly can’t think of better than vulgarized Ghetto house?) and then continues this ‘lilting’ theme on into the next track Beeps with a delightful repeat of “fuck you bitch” (sigh) – but outside of that this is an album where the craftsmanship shines.

This is the track that caught me on the Dusted review originally:

Then when I hunted around for a listen, this is the track that sold me on the album:

It reminded me instantly of the old Verve jazz re-mix discs that were big among the dinner party set in the 90’s. Except, of course it has that uptempo / contempo feel to it. It will come as no surprise to anyone that I am unfamiliar with the earlier works of this artist. IN reading around I’ve heard that he was a quite the trail blazer in the earlier incarnations of his work.  then someone did it better. Then someone did it better. And so on. According to the sources, this album doesn’t live up to the earlier reputation and is a bit of a disappointment.  I guess it helps a lot to have absolutely no idea in this case. Here is a taste of the earlier work. You can see a difference in style and there is definitely some sort of mellowing out going on.

For me its the second half of the album that shines with the stylised finesse that can call someone from outside the comfort zone. Like I said above, there is a latent homage to a cruizy lounge jazz rocking underneath the dance party. Pretty much from ‘Energy Flash Back’ forward all the tunes were sounds I went back to over and over. I confess to hopping over some of the earlier tracks – but I’ve given you my reasons why. The second half of the album was enough to keep me coming back for more. That’s high praise in my world.  There is a craftmanship present that offers the listener and underlying beauty that makes the album for me.

It may not quite be the effect, and I may not quite be the audience Addison Groove is going for, but its an album I recommend none the less.